Erin Kurup, Editor & Idea Architect for Care-Fueled Entrepreneurs

Erin Kurup, Editor & Idea Architect for Care-Fueled Entrepreneurs

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Are you one of the people I serve best?

Read on to find out. If you find yourself nodding your head (and maybe smiling a little) as you read, the answer is yes.

The most distinguishing thing about you — and the reason I’ll throw my all into our work together — is that you care.

Typewriter with a paper that reads "Inspire others" (A right-people profile for Erin's developmental editing services at; photo by Nina Matthews via Flickr)

You might run a business that’s small by design, but it’s driven by a big vision.

Whatever you do, you aren’t just doing it for the money. You aren’t just doing it because some expert somewhere told you you should. Your why is bigger than that.

You’re doing it because you’re called to. Because you know you have something of value to share with the world. Because there are people out there whose lives the thing you’re creating can change, and you are determined to bring the two together.

You don’t consider yourself an author first and foremost (or at all).

Teacher, coach, or artist? Sure. Podcaster, blogger, or speaker? Yep. But writing — though integral to the work you do — is a secondary skill. A tool to be used in service of your bigger mission. Not an end in and of itself.

That’s not to say you don’t value your own voice. You’re fully aware that your perspective and the way you express it are vital pieces of the puzzle. In fact, your brand contains a healthy dose of you-ness, and you like it that way. You know it should be you, not someone else, who creates the things you make for the world. You want to do it. You believe your voice matters. (And it does.)

You love to learn and are probably partial to the DIY mentality.

Tea, mug, open notebook, and tablet (A right-people profile for Erin's developmental editing services at like getting your hands dirty and learning what you can along the way. For that reason, you’re sometimes reluctant to ask for help. You don’t want someone to take your project away from you and give it back all shiny and fixed. You want to be down in the trenches and involved in the process.

So if you’re going to team up on a project close to your heart, you want a partner, an ally. Someone to work with you, not against or over or under or instead of you.

You’re committed to doing it right.

No cutting corners. No coasting by. Well, in theory, at least. In reality, meeting your own expectations can be exhausting sometimes, especially since you’re running a one-person show. You’d like to think you never settle, never half-ass anything, much less something you believe in. And when it comes to your values and ethics — creative, personal, and business — you never compromise.

But the truth is that sometimes you need a little accountability for the other stuff. When the going gets tough and the stress sets in, you’d love to share the burden with someone who will make sure the work matches up with the standards you’ve set. You value competence and reliability, and you want someone who’ll work at least as hard as you intend to.

You’re willing to look hard at the details.

Maybe you’ve been known to tinker with something for hours (days? weeks?) before you’re satisfied enough to let it out into the world. Or maybe you’d like to be that detail-oriented, but it doesn’t come easily to you.

Either way, you’re all for considering the little things because you know they’re what really make a project shine.

Do you see yourself here?

Hooray! You’re the sort of person I love to work with most. You’re why I do what I do and one of the people I show up for every day.

My work is about supporting your work.

Old wooden table with red and yellow chairs (A right-people profile for Erin's developmental editing services at, I’m a developmental editor. But frankly, I don’t go in much for technical. I prefer idea architect, dot connector, thread finder, verbal enabler.

You know how a sloppy pile of iron filings will snap to orderly attention in the presence of a magnet? I am the magnet to your biggest, most important written projects. I make sure the execution — from overall structure to word choice — lines up with the intentions and vision and goals you hold for the thing you’re creating.

As your partner, I will encourage you. I will challenge you. I will keep you on track. I will hold you to your own highest standards and refuse to let you settle. And just when you think you can’t possibly look at your project for one more second, I will leave you silly comments in the margins to make you smile.

Together, we will make your project great.

Do you have a digital product, web page, or post you might like to collaborate on? Then I’d suggest my Services page as your next stop. You’ll find all the details you need there.

No project in the works right now? Let’s keep in touch. I’ll send you a free copy of Out of Your Head and onto the Page, my audio guide to gathering the pieces of your first draft, too. Read more, or sign up now:

I’m so glad you found me. Stick around, ok?