Erin Kurup, Editor & Idea Architect for Care-Fueled Entrepreneurs

Erin Kurup, Editor & Idea Architect for Care-Fueled Entrepreneurs

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Oh, hey there. Welcome!

Compass sitting on top of a map (Start here, a site introduction at this your first visit? Here’s a quick orientation to help get you up to speed.

The most important thing for you to know is that care-driven solo and small business owners are the people I write for and serve. Everything I do is about helping them deliver their most important messages in a way that’s clear, authentic, and works for their right people.

Sound like your kind of place? Read on.

My take on writing and editing for people like us is a little different, so I’ll start there. Then we’ll jump into some common questions new visitors have.

Here’s what I believe.

When it comes to writing and editing for solo and small business owners, there are a few tenets I hold dear.

  1. You don’t have to think of yourself as an author to make an impact with your writing.
  2. Your voice, perspective, and experiences matter. The world deserves to hear them.
  3. Writing and editing are tools that can be learned and skills that can be honed, not gifts you either have or don’t have.
  4. Editing is a creative process, one of shaping and refining instead of stripping back or taking away. (Red pens are SO not my thing.)
  5. The creator is vital to the creation. Taking you out of the writing and editing process is like taking the secret sauce out of the dish.
  6. Technical jargon is often unnecessary and even alienating. I try to avoid it. When I do use it, I explain it.
  7. There’s a beautiful place where clarity and personality meet. That’s where you want your writing to live.

Now that you know where I’m coming from, let’s run through some basic questions about the site and my work.

Who is this site for?

You can read the expanded version over on Is This You?, but here are the highlights.

The people I serve best:

  • Are solo or small business owners driven by deep care for what they do and the people they serve.
  • Don’t really think of themselves as authors but believe they have a voice that matters.
  • Write because it’s the best way to get their message across, not as an end in and of itself.
  • Are partial to the DIY mindset and like to learn through doing rather than have someone else do something for them.
  • Have high expectations for themselves and their work — so high that sometimes they need an extra push to meet them.

Is that you, too? Welcome home.

What can I expect from this site?

Open laptop, notebook, pen, and coffee mug at a cafe table (Start here, a site introduction at

I’m here to help you move your big, exciting projects from idea to existence in a way that sounds like you and lines up with the vision you hold for them. Think less “writing tips and inspiration” and more “useful stuff through interesting frames.”

I write about topics that light me up and help the business owners I serve. They include writing, editing, working with an editor, and making life as a solo entrepreneur work. Human communication fascinates me, which means a lot of what I write about gets spun through that lens. I also share my clients’ firsthand experiences of working with me in what I call Project Profiles.

What, exactly, do editors do?

I get that question a lot. So much, in fact, that it has its own special page and a whole series of articles where I explain the job of all editors, the responsibilities of each kind, and where my own blend fits into the spectrum.

Who’s behind this site?

That would be me, Erin Kurup! I’m a developmental editor and idea architect, a dot connector and a thread finder. Read all about me and what I do for business owners like you on my About page.

What should I do now?

If you still have questions or want to introduce yourself, email me. I swear I don’t bite. (Unless you happen to be a bar of 88% dark chocolate, in which case all bets are off…)

Make yourself at home here. And don’t be a stranger!

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