Erin Kurup, Editor & Idea Architect for Care-Fueled Entrepreneurs

Erin Kurup, Editor & Idea Architect for Care-Fueled Entrepreneurs

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That moment your big vision snaps into place.

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You know what you’ll create. Your ebook, your About page, your next hit guest post — you can see it. You can even envision how it will help the people you love to serve.

Then you come back to earth, and all you can see is the implementation stretching forward into eternity. Before this amazing new thing exists…you’re going to have to create it.

With the weight of your vision bearing down, what do you do?

Do you freeze up? Make excuses? Procrastinate by “doing research” (i.e. reading random articles and playing on Twitter)? Stare forlornly at the blinking cursor all alone in a sea of blank white page?

Oh, I’ve been there. The steps that lead from idea to final product are long and steep. But the hardest one of all to overcome is very often the first: starting.

How do you take that first step? How do you gain your first toehold, getting yourself just a little closer to bringing your big idea to life? How do you take the plunge and just start already?

I made you something. I think it’ll help.

Out of Your Head and onto the Page: A Guide to Gathering the Pieces of Your First Draft by Erin Kurup (free resource at of Your Head and onto the Page is my audio guide to gathering the pieces of your first draft, no matter what you’re trying to write. (Not a fan of audio? No worries. I made a pretty PDF transcript too, just for you.)

In it, I talk you through the following:

  • The benefits of recording ideas as soon as possible instead of storing them in your head until you’re ready to write
  • Ways to take the pressure off of yourself as you start out
  • Four common methods for capturing ideas that you can experiment with
  • Pointers for transitioning from collecting ideas to writing your actual first draft

Did I just hear a sigh of relief? Awesome. That’s why I created this guide. Just enter your name and best email address below and I’ll send it to you lickety split.

I’ll also send you the (very) occasional email, and when I do, I promise it will be useful, interesting, or (most likely) both. No stale “quick tips,” shallow cookie-cutter advice, obnoxious sales pitches, or spam from this girl. Blech.

What happens next?

Check your inbox. You’ll have a message from me asking you to confirm that you would, in fact, like me to send you my free audio guide, Out of Your Head the onto the Page, and Notes in the Margins emails.

Just click the button that says “Yes, subscribe me to this list” and a second email with the link to access the guide will be in your inbox within a few minutes.

I’ll see you on the inside!